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  • 06.05.2017
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Fejind | 11.05.2017
This movie is FLAWLESS. Exactly the kind of movie I've been looking for. I've seen a lot of slo-mo compilations where they just slow the movie down, but this is the only compilation I've seen anywhere that actually uses scenes with high speed photography. Well done, master. I hope you make more!
Shaktigami | 09.05.2017
Man oh man this week has sucked ... hard.. Monday wife pulled the rug out from under us decided to quit her job at the end of the month and coast on her 3 months of vacation time till she figures out what she wants to do.. single income home mind you.. so there goes insurance, a way to pay off student loan early, etc... then yesterday found out kiddo has an ear infection.... stop the world I want to get off.
Mudal | 11.05.2017
post more photos and videos for us, delicious
Murisar | 09.05.2017
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